Mother’s Day Gifts to Consider

Mother’s Day Gifts to Consider

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and you are in time to order something that will make her feel special. Mommy may say you are all the gift she needs, but lets be real, who doesn’t like to be surprised with a gift that says “I love you mom”.

So, here are just a few of the items we found that you may still order in time for that special day, or at least get those wheels turning the right direction for that Mother’s Day gift.


Here’s a beautiful women’s watch from Bulova on sale from its original $175.00 price down to $105.00:


Jewelry is always a nice touch, and silver is loved by all ages:




Or how about a gift that reminds her how special she is every day as she sips on her morning coffee:


But if mom is a little tense, you can get this or any of the multiple massage gadgets that will ease her stress:


If mommy needs to stay comfy while she watches her favorite TV show, here’s an idea for you:


Charm bracelets are cute and come in many different forms, and are a safe bet for any child to say, “Mom, I love you”:


These are but a few more items to consider for a well deserved mommy: