Asian Dominance in NYC Education under Pressure

Asian Dominance in NYC Education under Pressure

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Theres a new sheriff in town, actually more like a new school chancellor, and perhaps not so new anymore. For years Asian students have trumped the New York City department of Education dominating elite programs. To the tune that opportunities for Black and Hispanic students represent less than a tenth of students entering specialized high schools, while making up the majority of the student population.

New York City DOE Racial Demographics 2018-2019.

For the first time in years under the administration of Richard Carranza, Black and Hispanic students are increasing in their academic performances, setting the stage for under represented students to have equal opportunities to enter prestigious schools and advance in careers related to science, technology, mathematics and others.

New York State Sen. John Liu believes that the increased in diversity in New York City schools created under Carranza’s administration is a threat to the dominance of Asians in the local school system.

In Albany, Liu attacked Carranza implying that there is an agenda against Asians. “You think you might have some issues in the Asian American community?” Liu asked in a abrasive manner.

Carranza responded, “I’m working hard to bridge whatever issues there exists in any one of our communities, even if there are individuals in lots of communities that do not like the equity agenda …,” Carranza has been challenged heavily by both caucasians and mostly asians for his school diversification efforts.

There’s been many efforts to discredit Richard Carranza in his fifteen months in office, including legal action against him, by mostly Whites and Asians that appose his efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive school system for all students, teachers and staff.