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    SpaceX completes the first civilian flight mission to space

    SpaceX has made history by completing the first true outer space experience of civilian passengers. For one thing, this was certainly no 10 minute...

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    New Yorker’s strike against NYC vaccine mandate, Court agrees with temporary suspension

    The forced vaccination as a condition of employment for Department of Education workers was temporarily blocked Tuesday night by the Manhattan Supreme Court. This...

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    9/11 Attacks’ 20th Year Anniversary – We Will Never Forget

    Today, marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks with solemn ceremonies given added poignancy by the recent chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan...

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    Fauci NIH funding to Wuhan Lab increased Coronavirus effects on genetically humanized mice, documents shows

    Dr. Fauci has not been completely truthful on what went on in the Wuhan Lab. His dispute of what may or may not be...

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    Storm Ida ravage New Jersey with deaths, massive flooding, tornado, destroyed homes

    Storm Ida ravage the Northeast with floods in cities and towns all over. Roadways turned into rivers. Downed trees and power lines blocked roads...

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