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    Staten Island fire response in Victory Boulevard

    Staten Island, N.Y. - Today, a major response from FDNY, NYPD and EMT vehicles lined up a good portion of Victory Blvd in Staten...

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideals in Amazon

    Let your imagination run with Valentine's Day gift ideas. There are many ways to say "I Love You" to that special someone in your...

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    President Biden to buy 200 million more vaccines

    The United States President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that his administration has secured deals for another 200 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, bringing...

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    Parents sue Robinhood after son commits’ suicide due to lost money

    Alex Kearns, a 20-year-old from Illinois, committed suicide last June after seeing an apparent negative balance of $730,000 on his Robinhood account, according to...

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    The Best Superbowl Commercials

    Aah!!! Super Bowl commercials... That time of year when people actually want to watching TV commercials. Millions of viewers will tune in to Super Bowl...

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