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    All the films that will be released in 2020

    Each year, moviegoers receive a new opportunity to get excited about the list of movies they will watch throughout every month. Although we're in February,...

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    JustinTheArtist – On The Block Again feat. Kay Hollywood (Official Music Video)

    Latest single release from Justin Bruno (a.k.a. JustinTheArtist) making his way to the spotlight with the song title "On The Block Again". Justin is...

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    The Batman Teaser

    Written By: Dramasetta124 The new Daredevil/Nite Owl teaser trailer was released yesterday. Just kidding, we mean the latest Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman stand-alone film with Robert...

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    Puerto Rico Lost $2.6 Million on Phishing Scam

    Yesterday, the Police shared a complaint issued by the director of finance of Puerto Rico's Development Company, also referred to as PRIDCO and FOMENTO,...

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    Ideas to spend an unforgettable Valentine

    We cannot deny it, we love our partner very much but when Valentine's Day arrives, with it comes the problem of how we are going to surprise that...

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