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COFINA The Offshore Wallstreet Heist

  During the COFINA trial at the United States District Court in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the trial had a consistent tone. Brian Rosen, from...

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How to Detect Plastic Rice, Reports of China Plastic Rice

Many of us are diligent about what we put in our bodies. We check the food labels to make sure that there is not too much cholesterol, sugar and fat in...

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They turn into a project law that promotes solar energy on the Island

A senatorial project that seeks to promote solar energy in Puerto Rico  and eliminate obstacles for the Electric Power Authority (AEE) to interconnect, in an agile...

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2018 Met Gala: 3 Reasons Why This Will Be the Most Epic One Yet

This year's Met Gala will not disappoint! Next Monday, celebrities and supermodels alike will hit the red carpet at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of...

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Katy Perry on What She’s Hoping For in ‘American Idol’ Season 2: ‘Bigger Hair, Better Dresses’

After signing on for the first season of American Idol, Katy Perry said she and her fellow judges went in without a total understanding of...

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