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    Harvey Weinstein confronted by multiple people at New York City bar

    The disgraced movie mogul was spotted at a Manhattan club during a performance and called out by at least three people. A number of people...

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    MSNBC names four renowned female journalists as moderators for November debate

    The two-hour Democratic faceoff will take place on Nov. 20 in Georgia. Ashley Parker, Kristen Welker, Rachel Maddow & Andrea Mitchell. The fifth Democratic presidential primary...

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    Top diplomat Bill Taylor says Ukraine aid was linked to Trump demands of Biden, 2016 probes

    Taylor drew a "direct line" between Trump's demand that Ukraine investigate his political rivals and distribution of U.S. military aid, Democrats said. The top U.S....

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    Trump administration moves to broadly expand DNA collection of migrants in custody

    The biometric data would then be transferred to the FBI’s criminal justice DNA database, known as CODIS, according to the rule. The Trump administration issued...

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    New image emerges of Felicity Huffman in prison

    The actress, sentenced in the college admissions scandal, was wearing a green uniform as husband William H. Macy and daughter Sophia Grace Macy visited. The...

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