Liam Hemsworth Can’t Stop Pranking Miley Cyrus: Watch His Best Pranks

Liam Hemsworth Can’t Stop Pranking Miley Cyrus: Watch His Best Pranks


When it comes to pranking Miley Cyrus, her fiancé Liam Hemsworth can’t stop…and he won’t stop. He’s just being Liam!

Since they first started dating in 2010, the 28-year-old Australian actor has enjoyed catching the 25-year-old off-guard and scaring her for fun. In recent months, amid split rumors that were never confirmed, he has appeared to increase his pranks on Miley, as seen on Instagram.

“I just don’t know why I haven’t caught onto this but it’s like, I don’t know he’s around every corner,” the singer had said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in May. “He’s around a lot of corners.”

On Friday, Liam posted a video of scaring Miley while waiting for her around a corner in a dark room, prompting her to hurl obscenities.

“Liam!” she shouts. “He is so f–king annoying!”

“Please excuse Miley’s foul language,” Liam wrote. “Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad…almost.”

Here are some more of Liam’s best pranks:

August 2018: Earlier this week, Liam shared on Instagram a video of him pranking Miley in a car—one of his favorite methods. Wearing a camouflage mask, Liam suddenly hits the brakes, scaring Miley in the process.

“Gets her every time,” he wrote.

July 2018: Liam lets out a massive shriek while driving Miley in a car, prompting her to promise to “beat the s–t” out of him.

April 2018: Liam jumps in front of his fiancée as she reaches the end of a staircase and enters the room.

“She love when I do this,” he captions the Instagram video.

“F–k you!” Miley replies. “I hate you, I’m going to cry!”

She later said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “I was already scared. That was what was so annoying. I was putting—and this was bad, I know that it’s May, and I was putting our Christmas decorations away finally. I like lights, and I like shiny things and elves, and they just live for like a whole summer. So now it was time, May 1, Christmas has gotta go.”

“So I was already in this really creepy basement and so I was coming up to say, ‘Oh my god, that basement is so scary,’ and then he jumped out at the worst time,” she said.

April 2018: This was a great months for Liam-Miley pranks. There he is, driving her in a car, the two of them fist-pumping along to 21 Savage‘s “Bank Account” playing on the stereo when he suddenly grabs her, yelling, “OH S–T!”

“I f–king hate when he does this s–t,” she captioned the video.

August 2016: Liam does the scare-Miley-in-the-car trick while the two are singing Justin Bieber‘s “Love Yourself.”

When asked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! if she tries to get Liam back for his pranks, Miley said, “I’m obviously loud and so I’m not very good at scaring people.”

However, she did enlist professional help to prank Liam back in 2012: She got him good on an episode of Punk’d; she had a pair of naked people jump into their car after they got out for a few minutes and then had police intervene.