Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung has confirmed through Twitter the date on which they will present their new phones. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be announced on February 20. The date had previously been previewed by The Wall Street Journal and is now official.

The Galaxy S10 range will be composed of three different phones , as it had previously been filtered: S10 Lite, S10 and S10 Plus, with screens of different sizes and with a key innovation. The front camera of these three devices will be in a hole in the screen, so it will not have a ‘notch’ in the style of the iPhone or other phones.

Although it will not be the first company to launch a mobile with this new innovation, if it will be the first of Samsung.

However, these three phones may give the protagonism to a fourth device with a flexible screen and that bends over itself. Samsung had already confirmed a launch date in 2019 for its phone ‘doubles’ , although the price and benefits are yet to be seen.


Anyway, the Galaxy S10 will be the spearhead of the company in a year in which its growth forecasts have been cut by the slowdown of the Chinese market, something similar to what has happened with Apple.



In addition to the attractive design with that camera pierced in the front, the new Samsung phones will surely include new colors unprecedented for the brand, its more powerful processors and cameras with higher resolution and quality than its immediate predecessor, the Galaxy Note 9.