Robert Mueller report on Donald Trump

Robert Mueller report on Donald Trump

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Special prosecutor Robert Mueller on Friday delivered his long-awaited final report on the controversial investigation into Russia that has overshadowed the presidency of Donald Trump, involved the Trump family and resulted in criminal charges against some of the closest relatives of the president .

The extensive report, which remains confidential, represents the end of Mueller’s investigation, but establishes the basis for future large-scale public disputes. The next steps depend on the secretary of justice designated by Trump, the Congress and, with all certainty, the federal courts.


The Justice Department reported that Mueller delivered his final report to Secretary William Barr and officially concluded his investigation into Russian electoral interference and possible coordination with Trump’s relatives. The report will be reviewed by Barr, who has said he will write his own version to communicate Mueller’s findings to Congress and the American people.

Barr said it might not take long before sending his recount to Congress.

“I am reviewing the report and I anticipate that I could be in a position to make recommendations on the main conclusions of the special prosecutor even this same weekend”, Barr said in a letter addressed to key Republicans and Democrats in the Legal Affairs Commissions of both Senate as from the House of Representatives.

Without details being released so far, it is unknown if Mueller’s report answers the key questions of his investigation: Did the Trump campaign collude with the Kremlin to influence presidential elections in favor of the famous businessman? And did Trump take further action, including the dismissal of the FBI director, to obstruct the investigation?


However, the delivery of the report does mean that the investigation was concluded without public charges of a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Russia, nor was the president accused of obstruction.


The steps Mueller will take if he discovers what he believes would be criminal acts by Trump are not known, considering the legal opinions of the Justice Department that an incumbent president can not be imputed.


The mere delivery of the confidential report will trigger immediate demands, including one from the House of Representatives under Democratic control, to make known Mueller’s findings. Barr has said he wants to make public as much as possible, and any attempt to retain details will cause a dispute between the Department of Justice and lawmakers who could call to testify before Congress to Mueller and his investigators, which would face strong opposition of the government of President Donald Trump.


The special prosecutor Robert Mueller does not recommend new accusations in the investigation on Russia.