What is celebrated on Easter Monday?

What is celebrated on Easter Monday?

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The Easter Monday is the first day of the eighth Passover, which is the week that happens to Easter Sunday. It is the beginning of the Easter Season, a period of 50 days commemorating the death and resurrection of Christ and the time he spent afterwards with the apostles. Easter Time concludes with Pentecost Sunday.

Easter is the day on which Christ was resurrected, and is the main feast of Christianity. The Catholic Church celebrates the first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox, so the date varies between March 22 and April 25.

This date also determines other festivities of the festivities calendar, such as the Ascension of Christ, at 40 days, or on Pentecost Sunday, 10 days after the Ascension, day on which the coming of the Holy Spirit is celebrated by the Apostles.

It is customary in Spain that on Easter Sunday the godparents of baptism give their godchildren some candies called ‘Monas de Pascua’.  On Easter Monday, tradition marks the gathering of the family and a field trip to eat these sweets, along with other dishes such as lamb chops, paella and wine.


These ‘monas’ are especially typical in the Valencian Community, Murcia, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia.


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