Puerto Rico Supreme Court Determined Pierluisi Governorship Unconstitutional

Puerto Rico Supreme Court Determined Pierluisi Governorship Unconstitutional

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In a unanimous resolution by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, made public shortly after 1 pm, it was established that Law 7 does not justify the swearing-in of Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia as governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and is therefore unconstitutional.



Thus, as indicated by the Constitution of Puerto Rico, it would be up to the secretary of Justice, Wanda Vázquez, to assume the role of Governor of Puerto Rico. Vázquez anticipated last week that she did not intend to remain in the position of governor in case she should assume it. Local media said that this political move would place the resident commissioner, Jenniffer González, as the first executive.

The appointment of Pierluisi as governor of Puerto Rico, on August 2, after the forced resignation Ricardo Rosselló, generated a situation of instability, uncertainty and controversy on the island. The debate arose mainly because, according to the Constitution, the order of succession established rests with the Secretary of State, vacant at that time, since the Senate had not yet ratified Pierluisi in the post.  Despite not having the title of Secretary of State in full possession, Pierluisi auto declared himself as governor, of which is now null based as per the determination of the Supreme Court.  The next in the chain of succession is Vázquez.