Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney Spark rumors of marriage after the sighting in court

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney Spark rumors of marriage after the sighting in court

Could Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney be the last celebrity couple to marry in secret?

The rumor factory is running at full power after the American star Hustle and her art merchant boyfriend were seen in a court in New York City. In a deleted tweet, an eyewitness shared: “When you go to get your marriage license and Jennifer Lawrence passes to tie the knot before your eyes. Yes, children, the town hall is great. The place to go!”

VivoMix has not been able to independently verify the reported location. However, in the photos published by Page Six,  the star is seen outside the Manhattan Marriage Bureau with a few official-looking documents in hand.

As speculation continues to grow, fans share that they are not so surprised by the possible court ceremony. After all, it’s Jennifer Lawrence, known for keeping things discreet.

Even their May engagement party was described as a small and intimate meeting in a New York department.

And before that, the couple kept their commitment under the radar by sticking to their routines as usual. But, thanks to the huge diamond that Cooke proposed to Jennifer, it was not long before people began to speculate that J-Law was engaged. With the cat out of the bag, Jennifer’s representative confirmed the happy news in February.

Last June, the couple celebrated their first anniversary or, at least, that’s what fans think. It is not clear when the couple officially started dating, but if public outings are an indication, then the summer of 2018 was when their love story began.

And as their romance blossomed, it seems that Cooke helped the star of The Hunger Games to believe in love once again. Previously stating that it was “good” with the idea of never marrying. She explained: “I don’t feel I need anything to complete myself.”

While you don’t need anyone to complete it, it’s safe to say that Cooke is a lovely addition to your life. Congratulations to potential newlyweds!