Facing Beijing, the Hong Kong singer tells US lawmakers and companies

Facing Beijing, the Hong Kong singer tells US lawmakers and companies

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In Washington Hong Kong singer and activist Denise Ho wants US lawmakers and companies to criticize Beijing’s actions in Hong Kong to help change the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party.

Ho told Reuters on Monday that Beijing was using its power and influence to crush dissent worldwide, and urged companies that invest in China and Hong Kong, a former British colony, to strongly support human rights and democracy. .

The Chinese territory has been shaken by more than three months of sometimes violent clashes, with protesters angry at what they see as a progressive interference from Beijing in Hong Kong affairs, despite a promise of autonomy. Beijing is exporting its authoritarian values ​​worldwide, Ho said.

“The only way to counter this global suppression is by hitting (China) where it really hurts,” he said. “The communist government doesn’t care about anything but the economy. They don’t care about human rights and they don’t care about these universal values ​​that we have. ”

“We see that companies benefit” in China, he said. “There are many American companies that are based in Shenzhen, and have turned a blind eye to this problem, these human problems.”

China denounced the protests and accused the United States and Britain of interfering in their affairs in Hong Kong. He has sent clear warnings that blunt intervention is possible.

Industry groups fear the bill threatens the fragile trade talks between the United States and China, but Ho said his approval would send a powerful signal to other countries and reaffirm the United States leadership in the world.

“I think that Hong Kong is at the forefront of this very global struggle for humanity itself,” he said.