Futuristic Rolls-Royce car steals the show in London

Futuristic Rolls-Royce car steals the show in London

The BMW company presented its latest luxury car that left everyone stunned. A body of 5.9 meters long and 1.6 meters high, with dramatic lines and a very retro design that evokes the Phantom models of the 20s, is what characterizes the first Rolls-Royce conceptual presented in London, last June, to continue commemorating BMW’s 100 years and, incidentally, show how luxury will feel during the next hundred.

It will incorporate all the automation technology that is being imposed on futuristic cars, which means that it will be at the service of your ‘master’ every time you request it and regardless of where you are. Not in vain the creators of this jewel came to the name

Eleanor to baptize the ‘robot’ that will guide all the systems of the vehicle: the idea is to pay tribute to Eleanor Thornton, the same that served as a model for the sculptor Charles Sykes to mold the famous Spirit of Ecstasy that accompanies the brand since 1911 and that is reproduced here in body (on a very stylized traditional grill) and in soul: Eleanor’s voice will be the virtual driver and the driver’s personal assistant and his companion during the tours. It was so much effort in the good living of the lucky owners it would be useless if it failed to get the attention of mere mortals.

That is why the 103 EX Vision Next 100 is not made to roll, but to parade. The lines of his impressive body were not turned into a press; They were sculpted to make this vehicle a true piece of art, with unique details, such as laser technology light units, the body of a continuous line painted in two colors, with a cabin that looks more like a dome of inked glass, from where its occupants have a 360 degree vision and can even contemplate the stars with total privacy.