Selena Gomez is all smiles as she releases a new image one day after Justin Bieber’s wedding

Selena Gomez is all smiles as she releases a new image one day after Justin Bieber’s wedding

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Selena Gomez  is serving the lustful with her latest hair change.

For a large part of the year, the singer shook a nice haircut, but now she is changing it. On Wednesday he left with a mane that flowed with curls, in stark contrast to the style of the French girl who wore all summer.

Her fresh new appearance comes a few days after her ex-boyfriend,   Justin Bieber , married  Hailey Bieber  at a star-filled religious ceremony in South Carolina. Of course, the couple legally married last year, but this time the singer and the model were able to exchange votes in front of their family and friends.

You could say that Selena’s new ‘do’ symbolizes new beginnings for her. With her difficult relationship with Justin in the past and her good health, the artist focuses on dedicating her energy to the things that really matter to her.

At this time, the star is mainly concerned with spreading awareness about the immigration crisis that involves Mexico. “I understand that it is defective and that we need rules and regulations, but we must also remember that our country was formed by people who came here from other countries. It’s time to listen to people whose lives are being directly affected by immigration policies”, she writes in a letter published by Time. “It’s time to meet people whose complex stories have been reduced to basic headlines”.

Selena also recognizes that she, as a famous Mexican-American woman, is in a position to do something really good, especially with a fan base as big as the one she has. So he assumed the role of executive producer of the Netflix documentary series Living Undocumented.  According to the star, he will follow eight families living in the United States and “facing possible deportation”.

She shares: “I hope that meeting these eight families and their stories will inspire people to be more compassionate and learn more about immigration and form their own opinions”.