YouTube has learned the lesson: the 2019 YouTube Rewind includes everything you really like

YouTube has learned the lesson: the 2019 YouTube Rewind includes everything you really like

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In December 2018 YouTube published its video compilation of “the best of the year”, and quickly became the video with more “I don’t like it” on the platform. Basically, the most hated YouTube video. The company seems to have learned the lesson, and the new YouTube Rewind is the test, including all the videos and Youtubers that the public really likes.

The 2018 Rewind was criticized for looking like a megaproduction that not only gave a little bit of embarrassment, but for many it didn’t really reflect the most watched YouTube content, but the one that YouTube wants to promote as the most watched. Or rather, as its image before possible brands and advertisers.

Despite the controversial comments he has made in the past, one of YouTube’s most popular events last year was the “fight” between PewDiePie and India’s T-Series company channel to be the channel with more subscribers across the platform. A battle that lasted for months, and beyond all the memes (and new controversies), gave rise to a collaboration between endless Youtubers who sought to maintain, or prolong, the reign of the PewDiePie channel. It was a game that, at the same time, reflected the end of an era for YouTube.

Another Youtuber that was not taken into account for the 2018 Rewind was Shane Dawson, responsible for making very popular documentaries about other personalities of the platform. But both PewDiePie and Dawson appeared in this year’s Rewind, along with some of the biggest Youtubers in terms of video games, beauty, makeup, Spanish-speaking content, music and new YouTubers. Among them are Felipe Neto, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffrey Star, Nikkie Tutorials, Mr Beast, Kylie Jenner, Minecraft games, Fortnite, GTA V and even fascinating star appearances of Youtubers like Simone Giertz, the inventor who in addition to creating robots, He made his own Tesla truck.

Rewind this time is not a creative or produced video, it is simply dedicated to listing the most popular and successful videos, channels and moments of the platform this year, including new revelations and the best of the best that the platform has seen in 2019. No It will be the best Rewind they have done, but at least it considerably improves what we saw in 2018, by showing the content that really has mattered to the audience during the last months.