The Batman Teaser

The Batman Teaser

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Written By: Dramasetta124

The new Daredevil/Nite Owl teaser trailer was released yesterday. Just kidding, we mean the latest Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman stand-alone film with Robert Pattinson as Bats.

The reason for the title is due to the red lighting, slow dark reveal, and the cowl resembling Watchman Nite Owl’s cowl. I’m not complaining about the actor Robert Pattinson, who has proved his acting chops but many others are.

I will say judging off this teaser, the suit looks cheap almost tv series quality. Also, I noticed the cowl is not connected to anything. Meaning, this may be the most mobile Batman to date. The symbol on his chest seems to be two batarangs in the form of the bat symbol.

I personally think the most enjoyable thing about this teaser was the dark and gritty feel. I hope the DCEU is embracing the darkness of some of their popular comic book storylines and animated films by actually portraying it on the big screen.

This formula might work since the conclusion of Marvel’s Infinity Saga and the people’s need for build up crisis so to speak.

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