Listen to Resident and His New Autobiographical Song: “René”

Listen to Resident and His New Autobiographical Song: “René”

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The Puerto Rican artist exposes his personal history on this new theme

The alternative rap musician Residente, who will rise to fame as leader of the Calle 13 group, has surprised his fans with his new theme: René.

Through his twitter account, he shared with his followers how the song was conceived:

The song takes its title from the first name Resident (René Pérez Joglar), which is exposed as a musical autobiography.

Starting with his childhood passion for baseball, the singer takes a tour of the aspects that marked his life: his friends, his family, the relationship with his stepfather, his student days.

In the end, the artist shows a longing for what he was, before the fame and the Grammys.

Currently, Residente is in preparation for his second solo album and will perform on March 7 with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.