New York City on Coronavirus

New York City on Coronavirus

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Coronavirus could force a curfew or road closures in New York City — but Mayor de Blasio said Monday the outbreak hasn’t made those travel restrictions necessary yet. For the moment all New York City schools will remain close until  April 20th.

“Everything’s on the table,” de Blasio said to news sources. “No, we are not closing down transportation, we’re not closing down roads or bridges, we are not putting a curfew into effect or travel restrictions – TODAY. At any point in this trajectory, we may change that depending on the facts.”

An emergency declaration de Blasio made in response to the coronavirus pandemic last week also gives the mayor the power to restrict travel to and from New York City and within the five boroughs, as well as institute a curfew.

De Blasio said on FOX this morning that there’s “no immediate plan” to close roads. He added that NYC hasn’t decided whether to suspend Alternate Side Parking during the outbreak yet.