Guy Punch Cop and Woman Intervenes in a Criminal Arrest

Guy Punch Cop and Woman Intervenes in a Criminal Arrest

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Bronx, New York – A masked man sucker-punching a police officer as he tried to make an arrest on a crowded Bronx street Tuesday afternoon is caught on video and goes viral.

The wild scene, posted to Facebook, begins with one officer holding a suspect down on the ground, while a second stands above them, a Taser in his hand, on E. 183rd St. and Davidson Ave. in University Heights.

An NYPD spokesman said the 27-year-old suspect was wanted in a February robbery, and one of the officers used a Taser to subdue him about 5 p.m.

Moments later, a 31-year-old man in a mask can be seen hitting one cop in the back of the head — twice. The masked man then runs off, his pants dropping below his waist, as a crowd cheers him, screaming, “Run!”

He didn’t get far. Police said they caught the suspect in a nearby store. At one point, he kicked the same officer he suckerpunched as he was being led into an NYPD vehicle, the police spokesman said.

The video continues for several tense minutes, and a 25-year-old woman standing nearby starts grabbing at and hitting the officer arresting the man on the ground. She then subdue as she attacks the police officers and the mob of people continue to intensify the situation.