Lea Michele haughty on the set of Glee : members of team sway

Lea Michele haughty on the set of Glee : members of team sway

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Decidedly, tongues loosen around the attitude of Lea Michele on the set of Glee. Last week, the interpreter of Rachel Berry has been accused of racism by several former actors of the musical series from Ryan Murphy. Subsequently, other actors have denounced his behavior on the plateaus. Despite the apology from the actress and singer, others have decided to take the floor. What are this time several members of the team of Glee who have denounced the haughty attitude of the ex-girlfriend of Cory Monteith.

Glee Cast

While the movement Black Lives Matter always takes on more importance in the result of the death of George Floyd, some of the behaviors of celebrities are coming out of the cold and this is not nice. In a tweet, Samantha Ware, who has played the role of Jane in season 6 of Glee, has accused Lea Michele of racism which has caused numerous reactions on the part of the stars of the series. But the actress is not only accused of racism: after this tweet, several celebrities have denounced his behavior.Was it unpleasant to work with it ? Quite.” for example, has posted Heather Morris who played Brittany.

Lea Michele and Heather Morris on Glee


This weekend, several team members of Glee who, anonymously but not that, testified on the attitude of Lea Michele on the set of the series. In an interview to US Weekly, they explained that the actress was a true diva who refused to talk to extras. “Lea went on and ignored the extras. I’ve seen other players talk to the extras and the crew, but it was as if I didn’t exist when I said hello. She did not even pay attention to me,” said one person of the team.

It would seem that Lea Michele was not at ALL appreciated by the people working on the series. So much so that at the end of the shoot, the actress would have brought cupcakes… which nobody would have touched. “One of the persons of the production asked who had brought and when we told her that it was Lea, he’s gone. At the end of the day, a staff person gave me one and told me : ‘Take the because nobody will eat it,’” remembered his side a contained of the series.


Imia Fleur Edwards, a extra of Glee, has, she, confided to Us Weekly that Lea Michele would… belched in the face. “During a take, she approached me and blurted out this big burp in front of my face while passing in front of me. She was not excused and did not even pay any attention to me. She didn’t looked her in the eyes, nothing. The other supers and a member of the team either. He saw me and said : ‘Wow, I am sorry that she did this’” she confided.