The ‘Gallo de la salsa’ Tito Rojas dies and this was his last concert

The ‘Gallo de la salsa’ Tito Rojas dies and this was his last concert

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The Puerto Rican singer Tito Rojas, known internationally in the 1980s, suffered a heart attack that took his life at dawn this Saturday, leaving all his fans in dismay.

According to various local publications, Tito Rojas was found dead on the ground and without vital signs on the balcony of a residence in the Tejas neighborhood of Humacao, on the east coast of the island of Puerto Rico.

The artist who was part of the remembered erotic salsa movement of the 80s alongside stars such as Eddie Santiago and Frankie Ruiz, among others, apparently died of a sudden heart attack, according to what was made known through international media, although others claim that it was about certain persistent health complications in the singer.

Tito Rojas

According to the newspaper La Tercera, the Puerto Rican salsa singer Tito Rojas died in the early hours of this Saturday at the age of 65 of a presumed heart attack. However, the Puerto Rican newspaper El nuevo día published that it was a health complication, according to statements by Teddy Morales, director of the Humacao, Puerto Rico Criminal Investigation Corps.

The last presentation of the musician, remembered for songs such as “Por mujeres como tú” and “Siempre seré” and many more, had taken place last Thursday, the day of the Christmas Eve celebration, through his YouTube account, without imagining that this virtual meeting with his usual followers would be the last.

Julio César Rojas López, the real name of Tito Rojas, released his first album, Mima la pululera , in 1972 and it was in the 1980s when his popularity transcended internationally to Latin American countries, placing himself in the first places of popularity of that time when salsa and merengue fought hard to sneak in as the strongest genres of the moment.

His latest production entitled ” Un gallo para la historia ” was launched last year and his last performance was virtually in front of his longtime fans.

His latest productions include Borrón y Cuenta Nueva (2005), Mejor Que Siempre (2006), Éxitos y Más (2007), No Comments (2007), Only Success (2009), Vida (2010), Independiente (2011), El traveler (2014-2016) and Tito Rojas (2018).