Inauguration Day highlights of US President Biden, Kamala Harris makes history

Inauguration Day highlights of US President Biden, Kamala Harris makes history

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On Wednesday, Joseph Robinette (‘Joe’) Biden took over as the 46th President of the United States ending Donald Trump’s tumultuous four-year reign. 

President Joe Biden Inauguration – vivomix

Ahead of his swearing-in outgoing president Trump left the White House wishing Biden and his government ‘great success’. Not since another impeached president, Andrew Johnson, in 1869 has a US president skipped his successor’s inauguration in such a manner.

The inauguration comes on a day when the US coronavirus death toll crossed the grim 4,00,000 – mark on Tuesday during Trump’s last hours in office.

Along with President Trump, 4,000 political appointees hired by his administration will lose their jobs. They will be replaced by individuals Biden’s team hires, but the entire process will take its own sweet time.

With the swearing-in being in the midst of a raging pandemic in USA, there will also be a deep cleaning of the White House, signalling also a fresher-than-usual start in more ways than one.

The big updates from Inauguration Day:

  • Note for Biden: Leaving White House, the Republican president left behind a note for his successor, Democrat Joe Biden. Deputy press secretary Judd Deere declined to reveal what Trump wrote to Biden or to characterize the sentiment in the note, citing privacy for communication between presidents.
  • Biden’s latest tweet: The President-elect tweeted “It’s a new day in America” as soon as President Trump left office.
  • Former Presidents arrive: Former President Barack Obama and wife Michelle arrive at US Capitol for the ceremony. Along with them, the Clintons and Bush family also arrive at the scene.
  • Biden’s arrival: The next President of United States arrive for the inauguration.
  • Bomb threat: A Supreme Court public information officer tells CNN that a bomb threat was called into the court, but the building has not been evacuated.
  • Kamala Harris arrives: Vice President-elect and husband Doug Emhoff arrive at Capitol.
  • VIPs seated: All VIPs and dignitaries are announced, seat at the platform including Vice President Mike Pence.

Inauguration ceremony begins

Joe Biden is seated on the stage and Chief Justice John Roberts will administer his vote of office. Kamala Harris will be sworn in by Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Justice in the court’s history.

Lady Gaga sings the Star Spangled Banner – vivomix
  • Lady Gaga on stage: Pop star and singer Lady Gaga, one of the performers of the ceremony, recites the national anthem.
  • Kamala Harris takes oath: Kamala Harris becomes the first female, Black and South Asian to be the Vice Presdient.
  • Jennifer Lopez sings ‘This land is our land’ ahead of Biden swearing in. She makes waves adding a little bit Spanish to the song.
  • Joe Biden becomes 46th President of United States.
  • Gareth Brooks sings ‘Amazing Grace’.
  • Poem recital by Amanda Gorman
Jennifer Lopez sings in Presidential inauguration – vivomix

Biden speech highlights:

  • “Today we celebrate the triumph, not of a candidate, but of a cause — the cause of democracy. The will of the people has been heard, and the will of the people has been heeded. We’ve learned again that democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. And at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed.”
  • “I know the forces that divide us are deep and they are real. But I also know they are not new. Our history has been a constant struggle between the American ideal that we are all created equal, and the harsh ugly reality that racism, nativism, fear, demonization have long torn us apart,” Biden said. 
  • He pointed out that he will be a President for all, not just for those who voted for him.
  • “Every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war” – President Joe Biden.
  • “Today, we mark the swearing-in of the first woman in American history elected to national office, Vice President Kamala Harris. Don’t tell me things can’t change.”

As soon as the Biden completed his oath, #NotmyPresident started trending on Twitter. However, Twitter also made its’ transition of power on the platform simultaneously.