White House finally allowing one camera to document border facility holding children

White House finally allowing one camera to document border facility holding children

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The Biden administration is finally granting limited access to the press at the southern border — following overly restrictive measures to block journalists from documenting the migrant crisis.

Staff oversee breakfast at the U.S. government’s holding center for migrant children in Carrizo Springs, Texas on July 9, 2019.

One pooled network camera will join White House officials and members of Congress as they tour a facility holding unaccompanied migrant children in Carrizo Springs on Wednesday.

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a a ‘Help is Here’ tour event to tout the 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act law on the 11th anniversary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) legislation being signed into law, as he visits the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio, U.S., March 23, 2021. REUTERS/Leah Millis

That footage will be shared once the tour wraps up.

The Post has been among news outlets that have been prohibited from photographing or recording the flood of Central American migrants, including thousands of minors, at the border since President Biden took office.

Immigrants walk down the hall of a dormitory at one of the U.S. government’s holding center for migrant children.

During a ride-along last week with Texas’ Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, a Post reporter was explicitly told not to take pictures as Border Patrol agents investigated a suspected stash house.

Staff escort immigrants to classes outside the holding facility in Texas.

Sheriff’s deputites said the no-camera directive was handed down last month — even though taking photos and videos of Border Patrol operations hadn’t been an issue in the past.

A young US citizen shows her American passport during a demonstration of migrants and asylum seekers at the San Ysidro crossing port on March 23, 2021.

“It’s just orders they have also, because I guess they don’t want to admit it’s a crisis going on,” speculated one deputy.