OnlyFans backtracks and returns to allowing sexually explicit content

OnlyFans backtracks and returns to allowing sexually explicit content

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After announcing banning pornographic content on the site, Only Fans suspended the policy change. 

After receiving a rash of criticisms from its users, on Wednesday, Aug. 25, the website OnlyFans said it will suspend the change to its policies that wanted to ban sexually explicit content.

“We got the necessary assurances to support our diverse community of creators and are suspending the policy change planned for October 1st,” the company said via Twitter. “OnlyFans stands for inclusivity and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.”

The new policy change came just days after an announcement that stated the platform would ban creators from posting “sexually explicit content.” This triggered protests from sex workers who create content on the site and have contributed to the platform’s success. 

Tim Stokley, CEO of OnlyFans, said in an interview with the Financial Times that the blame for the initial change in policies was because banks such as Bank of New York Mellon and JP Morgan had blocked OnlyFans’ payments to creators and closed their accounts. 

“OnlyFans’ initial decision to ban porn material was surprising considering how much revenue adult content creators generate,” said Scarlett Woodford, an analyst at Juniper Research who tracks the adult entertainment industry.

 However, while the changes to ban explicit content are not going to happen, one London-based creator told the BBC that those who have already found other platforms for their content may not return. 

“This is good news in the short term for sex workers who rely on the platform, and I would like to see this as the start of further support, celebration, and advocacy for sex workers’ rights by OnlyFans,” the creator explained.

Creators on OnlyFans

Currently, OnlyFans’ most popular stars include celebrities such as rapper Cardi B and boxer Floyd Mayweather, as well as famous porn stars such as Daniela Blume and Lana Rhoades. The site’s terms and conditions allow nudity, except for nudity that is recorded in public or broadcast from a jurisdiction where such public practices are illegal.