“No Jab, No Job” policies are the new Jim Crow Laws say New Yorkers in protest

“No Jab, No Job” policies are the new Jim Crow Laws say New Yorkers in protest

New York City – A new “Pro-Choice” movement is igniting and it’s not the kind that would be remotely sponsored by the neighborhood Plan Parenthood. This new version of the “Pro-Choice” movement is to defend people’s human rights, women and men, to decide over their bodies and overturn government mandates that are having people forced to chose between their livelihood and COVID-19 vaccines.

There are many forms of protest across the country against what amounts to the “No Jab, No Job” policies. South West airlines has had to cancel 1,800 flights as pilots refused to get vaccinated as a condition of employment. Even 100’s of thousands of military personnel are still holding back, despite risking to lose their military pensions and employment. But New York State and more so, New York City, is been compared to the early days of Nazi Germany.

Protestors walk the streets of Harlem against vaccine mandates that they say are discriminating against Black and Brown people and are compared to Jim Crow Laws – copyright vivomix

“We are re-living the early days of Nazi Germany in New York City, and the vaccine passport is used to distinguish who’s a desirable citizen,” Jeff Robinson said as he marched along a group of protesters through the streets of Harlem on Sunday. He added, “of course that will mean you would disproportionately discriminate against black and brown communities, how do we know the vaccines their giving out to whites are the same their giving our people?”

Adriana Robles told VivoMix news that ICE is performing eugenics on detained immigrant women. “How can we trust a government that is sterilizing people they don’t like for over a hundred years, New York legalized eugenics in the early 1900’s and they’re still doing it today…” she continued, “both the state and federal government don’t have a good track record, just search what ICE is doing in Ocilla, Georgia.” She was referring to the eugenics practices in an ICE facility on immigrant women that was exposed by a whistle blower just last year. She added that they’re not against vaccinations, but against the government or an employer dictating what she can and cannot do with her body, “it’s about medical freedom.”

“Do you want to talk about race?” a female shouted with a megaphone, “these are Jim Crow Laws…” she added. The lady provided her testimony as a color person who has lost her job due to refusing the jab. She reminded the crowd that black and brown people have been experimented on for decades.

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