Eric Adams is NYC’s version of Justin Trudeau “No Jab, No Job”

Eric Adams is NYC’s version of Justin Trudeau “No Jab, No Job”

Many may remember a newly elected mayor Eric Adams that inspired a short-lived hope for democracy when he agreed to meet with the loud fringe minority of New Yorkers that apposed the “No Jab, No Job” policies. But once in office, Adams said, “I will not share a room with unvaccinated people.” Perhaps, more clearly, he meant he won’t meet with working New Yorkers who disagreed with forced vaccination policies. He has been more than willing to meet with a number of others both publicly and in private while often not wearing a mask nor requiring proof of vaccination. Some in the community have expressed doubt on the validity of Adams’ vaccine passport.

Eric Adams meets with drill rappers - vivomix
NYC Mayor Eric Adams meets with several prominent artist to discuss drill music in a conference room in City Hall. While perhaps well intended, he is seen along his guests not wearing masks while still enforcing citywide indoor mask mandates on February 15th, 2022, at about 11:30pm according to sources.

Many New Yorkers counted the days to see the end of Bill De Blasio as mayor of New York City, gripping to the faint faith that somehow Eric Adams would turn things around. Instead, like his predecessor and nearly self-proclaim dictator of Canada Justin Trudeau, Adams refused to meet with protestors and simply enforce his will on New Yorkers. Like in Canada, this attitude to ignore the other side has harmed many of New Yorkers’ private and public employees who have lost their jobs due to the enforcement of the “No Jab, No Job” policies. To place insult to injury, Mayor Adams celebrated Valentine’s Day by forcing 1,430 city workers to permanently lose their jobs due to these dystopian measures.

Eric Adams refused to meet with the opposition claiming it would be irresponsible of him due to possibly exposing he’s family to COVID, but it would be hard to believe he would get infected via a video conference or telephone call. Despite seemingly suggesting a zoom meeting, Adams never set one up nor provided any other gestures for open dialogue. While he ran for office, he spoke about having the conversation and for open dialogue, but similar to Justin Trudeau who criticized India during the farmers strikes, when push-came-to-shove, Adams demonstrated more of the same old politics.

One small piece of information that is often omitted by major news outlets and government officials is that none of the current “vaccines” are fully approved by the FDA and are being administered under emergency use authorization. In essence no one is responsible for the countless of reports of injuries that have resulted from the COVID-19 vaccines, neither the pharmaceutical industries nor the government.

Eric Adams stated he will follow the science. Leaving many wondering what science would that be? Would it be the same science that justifies players from other cities to play in the Barclay Center without proof of vaccinations alongside New York City players that are forced to comply, and not allowing Kyrie Irving from making a living in his hometown. Or perhaps the same science that requires everyone in New York City to use masks indoors, while Adams can take photo-ops and meet with countless of people without him or his guest having the need to wear masks. Is it the science that lowers learning standards for children, rather than admitting that mask mandates have caused delays in their development? Or perhaps it’s the science that flip-flop over the need to wear masks base on political objectives.

More pressing is the question of a fringe minority of New Yorkers who are asking themselves how much longer do they need to wait until they are no longer ridiculed and left outside of the work force? How much longer do they have to wait before they can seek jobs and be employed once again within their city? This may seem like an exaggeration, or a fictional scene from a Hollywood movie, but it is the current and crude reality that New Yorkers are facing in year 2022.