Jersey City shooting

Jersey City shooting

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A deadly shooting broke out on Tuesday, December 10 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Six people lost their lives during the shooting between two suspects and officers.

The media report that the two suspects were in the Bay View Cemetery when two officers dressed as civilians approached him during an investigation. It was at that moment when the suspects opened fire and impacted on the shoulder.

Authorities say the shooting may have been triggered after a drug business that went wrong.

After opening fire, the suspects ran from the cemetery to the Jewish winery located in Bayview and Martin Luther King, where they entrenched themselves.

After an exchange of bullets, both were neutralized. Law enforcement sent a robot guarded by officers inside the hold. There were found the bodies of three civilians and the two suspects. Officer Joseph Seals, 39, and the father of five children, lost his life in the shooting.

Two other officers were shot, but both are expected to survive. It is confirmed that this shooting is not related to an act of terrorism.

The shooting caused several schools to close their doors. About a dozen surrounding schools were closed. The closing order was extended until 5 p.m., from public schools throughout the city, the district superintendent reported.

Official Joseph Seals

The first news reported that an active shooter was shooting at police from a grocery store on the corner in Jersey City, New Jersey. “More than one officer was shot. He is shooting again. It’s firing again”, said an officer in the police scanner. The tactical officers were responding. “Keep your people safe,” an officer said in the office audio. You can listen to the live audio later in this article. The police office audio indicated that there were two suspects, a man and a woman. A dramatic video emerged from the scene.

Fox News reports that there may also be a third shooter. At one point, officers indicated on the scanner that two suspects could be “down”. The ATF confirmed: “Breaking: @ATF_Newark Agents responding to reports of an active shooter in Jersey City, NJ”. reported that two officers were shot; one in Bayview Cemetery, and the other is believed to have been shot near Martin Luther King Drive and Bidwell Avenue.

NBC New York described what happened to an officer as “ambush,” and said an officer was shot in the head. The FBI told CBS New York that more than one officer was shot. All Jersey City schools were closed. Scanner traffic indicated that four other people could be in the hold. “We have movement in the store,” said an officer in the scanner at 2:41 p.m. The offices said a man had “left” the store and then re-entered. “Be careful. The nearby U-Haul is hot, ”said an officer, referring to the vehicle in which the suspects arrived at the store. They also said they had bombs.

The police described the scene as “chaotic.” The two suspects jumped out of a U-Haul van and ran to the corner store, according to scanner transmissions. There was a man inside the store, and someone had put a glass coffee maker in sight. The police worried that it could be a “device.” The back window had a garbage bag with duct tape, police said. The winery in question was located on Wilkinson Avenue and Martin Luther King Dr. in Jersey City. The specific address is 223 MLK Drive, according to Online records say that is the address of JC Kosher Supermarket.