Trump attacked Iran for possible reelection, but criticized Obama

Trump attacked Iran for possible reelection, but criticized Obama

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After the attack ordered by Donald Trump and in which the Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani died, all kinds of discussions have been generated in social networks.

Some have talked about possible reprisals for the attack that caused outrage in the Iranian population, which took to the streets to protest the situation and honor the deceased Soleimani.

Amid tensions and threats between the US UU. and Iran, on the night of Tuesday, the Guardians of the Revolution (Iranian group) launched 22 rockets that hit two bases that housed US troops in Iraq.

One of the most commented videos in recent days is one dating from 2011, in which Donald Trump says that Barack Obama, who was president of the United States. UU. and he was in the race for his re-election in 2012, “he has no negotiating ability and  his only way of being re-elected is to attack Iran before the elections. Isn’t it pathetic ?

The video was removed from Trump’s official Twitter and YouTube accounts, along with other trills who also accused Obama of starting a war and demonstrating the US military force and in which he warned: “Be careful, Republicans.”


In the video, Trump calls Obama “weak and ineffective.” He also clarifies that he is more ‘militaristic’ than the then president and that he believes in ‘the force’, but that he was sure that the only reason for the US. UU. to seek a confrontation with Iran was to promote the re-election of Obama.

Trump also mentioned at the time that:  “Iran can be defeated in many ways”  and that he would never rule out the “military letter”, but first  “you have to try it in other ways and the US. UU. you must explore them ”   and that of that time was  “ a great moment to negotiate ” . Then, in that video he again accused Obama of being a president “who knows absolutely nothing about negotiation.”

As in these images, media and users on social networks have remembered certain trills in which Trump also criticized Obama by pointing him out of promoting a war with Iran for electoral purposes.

Trump tweets on Obama over possible Iran war for reelection.

In one of the trills, Trump warns Republicans not to be fooled by Obama and tensions with Iran. He also said that the then president was going down with the intention of voting and that is why he was going to attack Libya or Iran in a ‘desperate’ movement.

A little more than eight years after the video was published, it  is Trump who is the main president of the United States. UU and who has ordered military actions against Iran.