Iowa hosts last Democratic debate before the primaries

Iowa hosts last Democratic debate before the primaries

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With the theme of the United States wars in the Middle East, the process of political trial against President Donald Trump and Iran as a threat to the world, were the arguments of this Tuesday for the last Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa state .

The six Democratic candidates who seek to reach the November elections in the United States, outlined their tools in order to show their best formula.

The contestants appeared eager to receive a televised boost before the February 3 assemblies that will be followed by the primaries in other states.

One of President Trump’s fiercest opponents, billionaire Tom Steyer, said he is willing to follow. “I have organized millions of Americans to come to the (Trump) impeachment,” he said and wondered rhetorically if it would be worth it and answered affirmatively.

“The trial trial will show that this is the most corrupt administration of our lives,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

United States in the world

Another question thrown into the ring was focused on the characteristics of each one in case of becoming president of the United States.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermonts believes he could be the Commander in Chief of the United States and says he helped pass a congressional resolution on the Libyan-Yemen conflict.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, said he is fulfilling a mandate to end the US incursion. Afghanistan.

Sanders was one of the only members of Congress who voted against the Iraq war in 2002, while Biden, then senator, voted in favor.

It is a night of great confrontation between the contestants, at a time when the Democratic Party has received enough criticism for the lack of diversity, the scheme – analysts say – prevented minority candidates from reaching this stage.

Senator Warren explained: “We have a problem with this revolving door in Washington between the Department of Defense industry and the Pentagon, corruption in simple and clear words, we have to block that revolving door (…) we have to depend on all our diplomatic and economic tools with our allies and not allowing the defense industry to make all the decisions. ”

“The job of the Commander in Chief is to keep the United States safe. (…) I have sat on the Senate armed services committee, worked with our generals, visited our troops. My three brothers were in the army. I know how much military families sacrifice, “Warren said of his possible management as president.

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, said President Trump promised to reduce US troops. in the Middle East, and has included it, “My task is to prevent this from happening when we have an alternative.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar directly pointed to Trump: “In the first stage of the debate, when asked what we saw as the greatest threat to our world, I said ‘Iran because of Donald Trump.‘ I was afraid of exactly what is happening now. As president, I will avoid further climbing.

The most advantageous

“The results in Iowa can mean a boost for some, and the end of their presidential aspirations for others. Local surveys do not allow forecasting,” says the AP agency.

However, last weekend’s Iowa poll shows Senator Sanders, who describes himself as a democratic socialist, advancing to a narrow first place, with 20% support in the state. Progressive senator Elizabeth Warren ranks second with 17%, ahead of former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has become a political centrist, with 16% and Biden, a center-left politician through almost five decades in Washington , with 15%.

They also presented Senator Amy Klobuchar, who will seek to boost a stagnant candidacy at the midpoint of the polls.

Universal Health Service

Universal access to medical care and its services were the fundamental points exposed by the candidates.

Several of those who intervened Sanders and Warren agreed on the top of medical insurance and the obstacles of pharmaceutical companies.

Former Mayor Buttigieg heard “Medicare for everyone who wants it. Health care guarantees for all Americans.”

The elimination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and Iran’s respective response against the United States was another possible point of the final debate.
For tonight, President Trump and his campaign matched an event in the city of Milwaukee, state of Wisconsin.

The act took place at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena. Trump greeted potential participants with a message: “On my way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a #TrumpRally. We hope to see you all soon!