TikTok Teens Find A Suitcase Of HUMAN Remains Through Randonautica App

TikTok Teens Find A Suitcase Of HUMAN Remains Through Randonautica App

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A bunch of teens went exploring on an app called Randonaut and when you go exploring for things, it might end with a treasure. But in this case there were human remains?

If you haven’t heard of this app called Randonautica, it’s an app that sends users to random nearby coordinates in new areas of maybe their city or nearby neighborhoods.

Now obviously you saw the headline of this video, the app is supposed to be random and overall you aren’t to know what is going to be there before the app determines a location.


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But these TikTok users went on a search with the Randonautica app and it took them to a nearby beach with a few rocks and a random suitcase.

In the video, the group thought that it was something maybe like cash as a joke of the sort but when they got near it they reported that it smelled a bit disgusting.

They said the smell was overwhelming and inside, the discovered a black plastic bag covering whatever was causing such stench.


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Obviously concerned at that point, the teens ended up calling the police to come and investigate the matter. It took the police more than three hours to come to the scene. In another video, the user sas that the tide came up and exposed the contents of the bag as well.

A lot of press didn’t actually associate the kids to finding the human remains. Police also found several bags of human remains throughout the beach. The comments section has been spilled with concerned comments. A lot of users posted things like: “bro imagine if you opened it, how traumatized you’d be” to comments like “WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABT THE FACT THAT RANDONAUT LED THEM HERE WHAT.”

One user even posted “went randonauting the other day, found a dog off of their leash, tried to find the owner, later found out owner was dead.”