#JBalvinIsOverParty trends on Twitter after J Balvin disses Shakira, angry fans ask him to ‘respect the queen’

#JBalvinIsOverParty trends on Twitter after J Balvin disses Shakira, angry fans ask him to ‘respect the queen’

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Balvin, who collaborated on The Black Eyed Peas’ new album ‘Translation’ along with Shakira, insinuated that working with the Latina superstar was a difficult experience while giving an interview.

Colombian singer J Balvin has raked up a storm on social media after his seemingly disrespectful comments about Latina superstar Shakira, following which #JBalvinIsOverParty started to trend on Twitter. It all started when The Black Eyed Peas did a special interview with Maluma and Balvin, who, along with Shakira, are one of the few guest collaborators on their upcoming album ‘Translation’. The album has a total of 15 songs, 10 of which are collaborations. Speaking about the album in the virtual interview, will.i.am said, “The process of this record was being open-minded, being patient, everybody has a different style of working. I produce, I write, I come up with ideas so you have to slow down. If someone doesn’t like something you cannot let it hurt your feelings. This is the first time we collaborated with these many people, these many vocalists, I had to be flexible. I had to be a f**king noodle on this record.”

His words were followed up by the question, “Who did you have to be the most flexible with — J Balvin or Maluma?” will.i.am took a couple of seconds before he answered, “I had to be the most flexible with Shakira,” and everyone started laughing when he said it but Balvin continued laughing even when the others had stopped. “But I learned from her because the way she does it is like a school,” continued will.i.am. Maluma, who has worked with Shakira before, chimed in jokingly at this point, saying, “one, two, three.”

Describing his work process with Shakira, will.i.am continued, “Number one, fix number one like this, here are my notes and then for number two I would really like to address this on number two and then for number three.” He wasn’t able to finish this sentence because Balvin interrupted saying, “and then you go back to one, and then go to seven, then go to 10, then go to 20, and then go back to number one. One is the one.” People who’ve seen the interview have since then taken to Twitter to humble Balvin. Some of the comments read, “He could drop off the face of the earth and his music would follow. Shakira has generations of fans singing her songs from the heart. She is a humanitarian. JBalvin gave us a mediocre album,” read a tweet.

“#JBalvinIsOverParty it’s crazy to think J Balvin thinks he has ANY room to talk abt THE ONE AND ONLY Shakira who’s been around since forever and known worldwide EVERYWHERE. Plus he’s ugly,” wrote a fan of Shakira. “Oh shit we canceling J Balvin, count me in I never liked his a** anyways,” wrote another. “Don’t diss my queen Shakira she was my childhood and will forever be a queen in my heart #JBalvinIsOverParty” read another tweet. “I’m not one to usually jump on a canceling but #JBalvinIsOverParty is so valid. He literally tried to come for Shakira when let’s be real Shakira is the reason Colombia has an international music scene at all and his comments were straight-up sexist. Respect the queen, peasant,” wrote another.