Plasma Cures COVID-19 – Donate Blood and Save Lives

Plasma Cures COVID-19 – Donate Blood and Save Lives

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A century old practice has proven effective in curing the coronavirus, and Austria has been doing for quite some to treat this disease. Back in early April, Scripp Health became the first in San Diego to successfully treat COVID-19 using plasma. Yes, surprisingly the simplest solution is often the most affective. While pharmaceutical companies continue to race to find a cure of the most recent virus threatening humanity, the donation of blood from recent survivors of COVID-19 hold the key to cure new patients that contract it. It’s nature own process that provides a quite reliable solution.

Individuals who were infected with a virus like the novel coronavirus and recovers, their blood is rich with antibodies that their immune system produces naturally to help them fight off the virus. The portion of the blood donation that contains the antibodies is a light fluid, also known as convalescent plasma. Doctors are increasingly relying in giving the antibody-infused blood plasma to newly sick people, giving the necessary anti-bodies to accelerate the patients recovery. And it has been proven to be quite affective.

This practice is not new, in fact it’s been used as a treatment for virus since 1890’s when blood from survivors was used to treat to diphtheria patients. During the 1918 flu pandemic, studies showed that it was affective treatment. More over, it’s been used to cure numerous other virus such as the measles and chickenpox.

If you are a survivor of COVID-19, help save a life and donate blood. It could mean the difference in someone’s life… Literally!