Hundreds Of Teenagers Attacked A Mini-Golf Center During The Pandemic

Hundreds Of Teenagers Attacked A Mini-Golf Center During The Pandemic

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A video of hundreds of teenagers attacking a mini-golf center is going viral. This past weekend, the mini-golf place in question, Putt-Putt Fun Center, decided to close down due to the overcrowding and COVID-19 regulations. However, after learning that there would be no ticket refunds, this group of teenagers decided to attack the mini-golf center.

This video later circulated on Twitter and Tik Tok. In it, a group of teenagers attacked the registration with whatever they had around them. A girl even broke the plastic divider used for COVID-19 and threw it towards a cashier in the back. Other people picked up the crowd control stanchions and napkin boxes and threw them at the ground and reception. The cashier quickly squatted down to avoid the attack, wrapped her arms around her head, and ran to the back. The situation was chaotic and uncontrollable.

People familiar with the matter said the whole situation went downhill when the managers told the kids that there would be no refund to their tickets. However, the mini-golf center later claimed that they were willing to “continue to work with those that want a refund” and the “attraction passes don’t expire till December 31, 2022.” On the company website, the price listed can be as low as $8 per person if a group of more than 15 decides to putt-putt golf. 

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While the staff members wore masks, almost none of the teenagers captioned in the video had any sort of face coverings. There was simply no social distancing. According to the CDC, “the primary transmission of COVID-19 is from person-to-person through respiratory droplets.” These droplets “can land on objects or surfaces around the person when they cough or talk, and people can then become infected with COVID-19 from touching these objects or surfaces and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth.” According to the Tennessee State Government’s Non-Contact Recreation Guidelines, “customers should wear cloth face coverings according to CDC guidance.” As the video shows, the group of teenagers was screaming and shouting without any sort of face coverings that block the spread of respiratory droplets.

This video quickly gained people’s attention. Many were upset at the teenagers’ behaviors and the potential spread of COVID-19. They called out the kids’ parents to take responsibility. People also questioned why the Putt-Putt golf center was opened in the first place. One said, “so disruptive behavior such as this is her learned reaction to conflict?” 

After the incident, the owner of the mini-golf center decided that “going forward, all minors must be accompanied by their parent or guardian” at their facilities and “anyone that is left unattended will be asked to leave.”

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