Elderly Mexican causes a furor in the network by inventing a solar stove

Elderly Mexican causes a furor in the network by inventing a solar stove

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Nowadays, there are many people who have looked for the best way to harness solar energy.

Remember that this type of energy is the one that uses sunlight that is captured to create photovoltaic energy or concentrated solar energy for solar heating. With these conversions, this energy is usually used in lights, heaters, swimming pools, among other things.


However, the ingenuity that a human being can possess has no limits, and neither is age something that has to do with it.

An example of this is the story that went viral on social networks, where An old man from Ecatepec, in the State of Mexico, has shown that the desire to get ahead and create has no limits, thanks to an invention that, in addition to being functional, It turns out to be practical and at the same time, beneficial for the planet and for the pocket.

The elder has been identified as Don Maximino Antonio Piedad and has earned everyone’s recognition after creating a “solar stove” using simple tools to find, even in our own homes.

Don Maximino, who grew up in the community of Amatitla Santiago in Tamazunchale, and since his family did not have financial resources, did not carry out any type of studies. But this doesn’t stop you from wanting to help a lot of people and the environment by designing your fully functional stove out of recycled materials.

How does this solar stove work?

The stove works with the help of a dish of a television antenna and a metal structure in which it is assembled. At the top there is a small grill and the sun reflects on it and the plate, generating enough heat to cook or heat food.

“What we want, well, at least I, so that one does not pollute using the Sun,” says the grandfather in a video shared on social media. Even Don Maximino showed how he lit a fire with newspaper and the heat generated with his invention.