Man Temporarily a Trillionaire after Investing $20 in Obscure Cryptocurrency

Man Temporarily a Trillionaire after Investing $20 in Obscure Cryptocurrency

Just imagine waking up in the morning and as you check your cryptocurrency wallet you find out you are rich beyond imagination. This exactly what happened to Rocket Bunny, he didn’t expect to become a trillionaire overnight. Yet, temporarily at least, that appeared to be what happened.

man becomes trillionaire with crypto - vivomix
man becomes trillionaire with crypto – vivomix

The Georgia nursing school student had dabbled in cybercurrencies for around eight months and invested in the currency on Monday. On Tuesday, its value had soared to more than $1.4 trillion.

“I woke up, it’s like 9 a.m. and I always check my phone to check how my crypto, to see how it’s doing and I like looked at it, I’m waking up, and I’m just like, ‘Naw, I’m sleeping,'” Williamson told Fox 5 Atlanta.

The student from Manchester, Georgia, then rushed onto the Coinbase cryptocurrency trading app, barely believing what he was seeing.

Williamson said that when he tried to move the currency into another wallet to withdraw, it wasn’t showing the same price, so he contacted Coinbase.

Coinbase replied with a short answer saying it was looking into the issue, and tried to contact Rocket Bunny but never heard anything back.

“So, that’s when I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m just going to have fun with it at this point.’ So, I went to Twitter,” Williamson told the news network.

“You know when you look at it, it’s like you know there’s no way I’m ever going to get this amount of money,” he said.

Williamson was expecting the large sum of money to quickly disappear from his account, but instead it grew. He determined that he bought into the correct online coin, and that it wasn’t a scam.

The Georgia student even tweeted billionaire Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO who frequently posts to social media about cryptocurrencies, hoping he could provide him advice about his newfound fortune.

“I thought for sure because he trolls people all the time,” Williamson said. “I am hoping he’s actually saw it and maybe he’s been following it, but I don’t know. That is an Elon Musk wallet.”

The student said if he had that kind of money, he would use it to help people—by taking care of his family, paying off his sisters’ homes, and maybe start free medical clinics.

Williamson’s account has been frozen by Coinbase, so he cannot withdraw, purchase, or trade until he hears back from the company. 

Although the incident has provided him with a good story, Williamson believes that he amassed his 13-figure wealth through a glitch.

His friend, who lives in Jasper, Georgia, bought the exact same coin but didn’t experience any issues. However, Williamson found others on an online message board that have had problems with it.