American Eagle And Social Distancing Marketing

American Eagle And Social Distancing Marketing

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American Eagle debuts all-virtual campaign video featuring TikToker Addison Rae

American Eagle launched their Fall clothing line with an all virtually shot and produced ad video featuring famous TikToker Addison Rae and other dancers.

The video is very authentic to Gen Z’s TikTok and social media culture, featuring cool camera shots and fun dance moves. The campaign cast consists of everyday teen actors who have a passion for dance. The dancing highlighted the flexibility and comfortability American Eagle jeans are known for, as well as the “self expression happening in youth culture,” as their press release states in Business Wire.

The video was entirely shot and produced over zoom, with the help of phones and polaroids. The cast picked their own outfits with the help of a styling team, and learned to do their hair and makeup from tutorials.

The fall line is a continuation of their “AExME” platform. American Eagle Global Brand President, Chad Kessler, stated “although back to school may look different this year, we know that our customers will continue to express themselves through music and dance and that social media will remain the #1 one way they interact. Technology, innovation and social media offer AE an opportunity to connect our community with each other, and our brand, even if we aren’t physically together.”

American Eagle’s ad campaign highlights how marketing is changing amidst COVID-19 in retail, and is spearheading the way of social distancing-marketing for other retailers.