Updates on the People’s Convoy DC to End Mandates

Updates on the People’s Convoy DC to End Mandates

WASHINGTON D.C. — The “People’s Convoy” is a trucker convoyed that has traveled across the United States from California to Washington D.C. that is modeled after Canada’s “Freedom Convoy”. It is a demonstration from working Americans that want an end to COVID mandates, and an end of government leaders using emergency powers to violate human rights. They reached the D.C. Belt Way on March 5th and have been circling around every day in hopes that law makers and President Joe Biden listen to their pleads.

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The People’s Convoy is a peaceful demonstration to help bring an end city, state and federal governments across the United States using emergency power due to the COVID pandemic to push force vaccination and masks mandates – vivomix

The human rights violations they claim are mostly center on the division of individuals or segregation base on their vaccine status. Many individuals who have chosen not to be vaccinated have lost their jobs, been kept from participating in public venues, among other dystopian measures that are meant to force them to submit to the government’s will. Mandates have for the most part amplified the distrust between Americans who “value freedom over fear” and the current government.

So far, a handful of lawmakers, particularly from the Republican party have met and conversed with the truckers. Yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas went on the trucker protest as they made their 4th trip around the D.C. Beltway after taking a break Wednesday due to the rain.

“Thank you to The People’s Convoy for speaking out for freedom!” tweeted Cruz. “Petty government tyrants shouldn’t force people to make private health care decisions.”

The group has been in Hagerstown since March 4 and plan to stay until the Biden Administration sends a clear message to others across the country to end the enforcement of vaccine and mask mandates.